Become a Member of Gibsonburg Saddle Club!

What do you get for becoming a member?

The use of our Beautiful Arena.
Member only Fun Days / Nights
Member only Trail Rides.

There are two types of membership.

  1. Working - This type of membership you are required to put in hours helping at our shows and/or with the show grounds. The membership fee for this is $20 for a family the first year then $15 for the years after.  $10 / year for a single membership.
  2. Non-Working - With this membership you get the use of the arena only, you do not have to help with anything at all. This membership is $60 per year non-voting.

Please download the membership application below.
It must be received by March 31st of the current year.
Filling in your email address helps us to send you notifications.

Click on the application to download and print.